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Project Description

BookmarkSave is a small utility for VB6 that preserves Bookmarks and breakpoints between invokations of the VB6 IDE.

One interesting bit about the project is that even though this project is intended to enhance VB6, and actually runs as an Add-In to VB6, it's written entirely in

If you'd like to read more about this project, see my original blog post here.


Original Inspiration and some small amount of code in this project comes from the CodeDawg Toolbar. Of course, that project was written ages ago, in VB6, and hasn't been updated in years. So, there's not much of that original code left in this project, other than the spirit! As for where you can find it, a few Google searches didn't turn up anything but "This project has been deleted by author", so I'm not even sure the source is available anymore for it.

The concept for DLLExport came from a number of closely related articles on CodeProject and across the Net. However, they were mostly in C#, so I've converted/rewritten/enhanced all that as well.


This project was cobbled together over several months as a tool primarily for my personal use. As such, I make no claims as to the quality of the code, or how well it will work on arbitrary systems. Generally speaking, I approach all my projects as if they were commercial projects, because that's always the way I've coded. But I'm certain I've cut some corners in here just to get things working, as this was strictly a personal tool.

In particular, recognizing breakpoints via capturing the screen and looking for the red dot is not the prettiest code to read, but it seems to do a job that would be just about impossible any other way.

However, one of my main goals with this project was to see if it was possible to do something totally crazy like build a VB6 addin in


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